One Big Happy Family

In loving memory of William Charles Hamilton, Jr. & (Edith) Jean Wright Hamilton



They lived across the street from each other on "B" Street in Hayward, California.  Little did they realize they would meet again in high school.  Although he was three years older, their enjoyment of music would cause their paths to cross once again.  Bill played in the band and Jean in the orchestra, and one day she captured his attention.  The reason, he'd say, was because he noticed that she had dirty knees.  He grinned every time he reminisced about that story, and she became annoyed--every time. 

In this photo from the 1939 yearbook of Hayward High School, Hayward, CA, Jean's knees are covered--so we can only guess if Pop was telling the truth.





They were high school sweethearts who would become husband and wife, loving parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. 

He's been gone over 20 years now, and Jean just two.  Many memories were packed into their years together, and now they're gone. 

Pop, you used to say that life was short--and you were right.  But the family stories are plentiful, and the people both of you loved...still love you.  The effect of your time on earth still ripples through your family and friends.  The photos left behind remind us of times spent with you.  Can we share some of those times now?  Let's go...




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